I really enjoyed Pitch Black (just rented it again as a refresher..and to copy it) and though this movie looks like it veers quite sharply away from the original, it looks very, very cool. One of the best things about Riddick is that he's an anti-hero, something Hollywood doesn't do much (note: I haven't seen every movie), it's mostly either good guys with some vigilante in them, or bad guys that do bad stuff, but not horrid stuff, so you still like them, Riddick, though, does good things, but usually only because they serve some purpose for him, which will be interesting to see how that works in this movie. The Sci-Fi Channel is doing an in-depth look at it this Wed., which should be cool as they have interviews with the cast and crew and get to see more previews. Anyway, definitely looks like this is a movie I'm going to dig.