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    Red face Help me! What to read?!?!

    Hi everyone!

    I am new here, so excuse me, please, if I ask already-answered questions...

    I have a big problem...I have been reading fantasy since I was very young, but in the last few (4?) years I have stopped buying any new books and now I don't really know what to read...

    I can list you some of the books I have read and liked best...maybe someone can help me?


    - D. Edding, "Belgariad" (read also Malloreon, Elenium and Tamuli but didn't like them as much)
    - L.R. Modesitt "Recluce Saga"
    - K. Kerr, "Deverry Saga"
    - M. Weis&T.Hickmann "Dragonlance"
    - Most of Marion Zimmer Bradley (also getting worse with years...)

    Thank you!!!!

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    Id check out the recommendations thread. There are lots of excellant books in there to read.
    But as you seem to be into epic type fantasy Id go with reading Erikson and Martin for a start as the they have some of the best work in this genre

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    Hi Cat,

    Welcome to sff

    The best thing is if you check out our Recommendation Thread, which contains the compiled links to all our most popular 'what to read?' threads.

    I'm going to close this thread now, so that we don't end up with lots of duplicate threads.

    Best of luck in your quest


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