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    Tips for writing.

    Here I am interested to know the tips for writing because I think the readers can help in a better way that which things a writer should follow and keep in mind while writing anything. I hope every reader would like to point out and share some tips for writing any book,

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    Honestly this is a problematically broad topic, you would likely be better off purchasing a well reviewed writing book and honing in on more specific areas you find troubling, or have difficulty with.

    I would advise you to look at the books you love and try to identify and emulate their best aspects. Personally I love Rothfuss, Martin, and some Sanderson and Abercrombie, because of their complexity, nuance, strong characters, and slow built large scale plots. Its perhaps also useful to consider what you have disliked and why.

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    If you can pick a particular area of writing, Ackley, that you'd like help with, that would probably get you more feedback.

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