I'm back and determined to conquer this query letter. Maybe I should just send out video queries on disc, because Gary introduced me to an agent at World Fantasy. The agent asked what RoseThorn is about, and I launched into my "it's actually more like a Shakespearean tragedy than Tolkienesque; more like Othello and Macbeth and Hamlet; more a family tragedy set against the background of a war that no one wins than a quest for the magic Macguffin" spiel. I now have his card and an invitation to send him the first few chapters. Of course there's no guarantee that he'll like it or take it on but . . . (Yeah, I owe Gary big time). So, I'll get around to conquering that query letter after I get this package in the mail.

Kat, your comments, especially about focusing on the emotional elements of the story and not trying to draft cover copy, are pure gold. *genuflects*