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PREDATOR IN THE PINE BARRENS is a paranormal thriller containing an increasing sexual tension between the two main characters.
So it's a paranormal romance and the romance is the main plot? If not, it might make more sense to mention that romance grows between them in the plot description instead of as your first intro. Otherwise, you are likely to confuse them. If it is a romance, then you would want to say that it's a paranormal romance.

Paranormal Investigator Casey Windall,
Because you capitalize this, it sounds like an official title which may confuse folk into thinking you're writing an alternate contemporary universe where the police now have paranormal investigation units. (Because we have those in fantasy.) So, I would suggest making it: "Paranormal journalist Casey Windall." Otherwise reads pretty good to me; how do you feel about it?

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This is a good bio, but take out the Letters to the Editor part; they won't care about that.