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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket Sheep View Post
    You know Stanislaw Lem, of course, I've also read these and loved every one passionately:

    Mihail Bulgakov - Master & Margarita
    Arkadij & Boris Strugackie - Roadside Picnic
    Sergej Luk'yanenko - Labyrinth of Reflections

    (substitute the j for y's and try spelling Stragatski to find them in an english list)

    Other writers I've heard are hot are:

    Antuan de Sent
    Sergej Kozlov
    Leonid Filatov
    Richard Bah
    Viktor Pelevin
    and Vyacheslav Mironov - Assault on Grozny Downtown - I've read and is great, but I think there were no sf elements...

    A couple of years ago, their english translations were on the net at but now, there are hardly any. Roadside Picnic and Labyrinth are now english books.

    There's another I've read and forgotten the title and writer... about friends sharing an apartment in moscow and spending their small earnings on hooking up cyberly instead of on basic comforts... if anyone knows it.
    Generally I usually find an author I like and read as many of their books as possible before moving on. However I never considered that their could be such a global wealth of stories to be found. I'm genuinely interested; if there is more out there off the well-trampled path let's hear it. I'm always up for some variety and unique stories.

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    I read SF and Fantasy, but I also like History and Social Science (Guns, Germs and Steel, Outliers, that sort of thing). Plus occasionally an old classic (I'm reading Kipling right now). I usually go in clumps too, reading one sort of thing for a while and then switching.

    I also like Pennarin's approach of reading by recommendation, or recognized good books. Plus I occasionally re-read books I really enjoyed the first time around. There really doesn't seem to be time to read everything I'd like to read, so it's nice to have some way of identifying what's likely to be good.

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