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Do you believe such things as this question and answer session is in an author's best interest. The individual contact with readers brought about by the internet, is it a boon or a horror.

Does it make you more wary of what you write on message boards? Do you try and guard your image, or create an image you wish to show readers? Or do you accept that some day some obsure post will come back and bite you in the bum and don't lose sleep over it.

I don't really think about it.

It's fun. That's all I care about.

The only image I have -- that I'm aware of -- is that I'm a person who will give a straight answer to a straight question, the first time you ask. The single most common reaction I get is a sarcastic roll of the eyes and a "Don't sugar-coat it, Matt; tell us what you REALLY think."

Because that's exactly what I do. Every time.

If that image ever bites me in the bum, I'll take the scar and be proud of it.