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    Polly O'Keefe from Madeleine L'Engles series....I am sure I wanted to be her at some point

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    Character who has captured your heart and soul.

    Louis from Interview with the Vampire, without a doubt

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    You know it is funny, most of the characters that I love extremely are not in fantasy, but other genres. Probably Harry Dresden from the Dresden files would be one. I love someone who always tries to do the right thing, and then seems to get beat up for it. But in the end keeps doing it. And I love his humor. And of course there is Fitz. I love this character, like so many others do. He just breaks my heart and I always shed a tear over him. Like Harry he is the hero that doesn't care if he is acknowleged, just wants to do the right thing. And that always seems to take its toll.

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    Drizzt Do'Urden - Icewind Dale Trilogy... (R A Salvatore)
    Skilgannon - White Wolf, Swords of Night and Day (David Gemmel)
    Druss the Legend - The Legend..... (David Gemmel)
    Whiskeyjack - A tale of The Malazan Book of the Fallen
    Kalam - A tale of The Malazan Book of the Fallen
    Quick Ben - A tale of The Malazan Book of the Fallen

    I'm truly a sucker the ones who first and foremost stand by their friends and companions.

    But my favorite hero is not from the fantasy genre, it's from a historical series about the great Duke of Wellington. The author (Bernard Cornwell) has written 21!!! books about Wellingtons exploits in both India, Portugal, Spain and France. Richard Sharpe is the man who follows Wellington whereevear he goes, in to every battle with his guns blazing. Sharpe is a fictional character who Cornwell has created, but who knows if somebody like him hasn't existed.

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    Talking Richard Sharpe

    Yeah, I've got to second that man. The Sharpe series has always been one of my favorites; and Richard especially.

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    Raistlin Majere - He just needs a hug.
    Gregory House (well, he's a TV show character)

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    Im Stuck Between Two Jaim Grymauch From Ravenheart The Third Book In The Rigante Series And Rage From Midnight Falcon The Second Book In The Rigante Series Jaim Is One Of The Main Charecters While Rage Is A Big Part Of The Story In Midnight Falcon But Is Not One Of The Lead Charecters But When He Fights Voltan First Ahead Of Bane He Is Nearly Sure He Is Going To His Death But That He Might Just Exhaust Voltan Enough To Give Bane The Slimmest Chance Of Victory But Even Then He Beat Voltan I Just Think He Was Absolute Brilliant Charecter But Then Therres Jaim And He Embodies Everything About The Rigante And When He Saves Maev From Burning It Is One Of The Best And Moving Scenes Iv Ever Read

    So In Conclusion Even After Writing This I Still Cant Decide Sorry

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    The Boy Who Lived

    I may be setting myself up for some criticism, but I am going with Harry Potter. J. K. Rowling does an amazing job of characterization in her books. I love every single page.

    Second, Richard Rahl from the first four Terry Goodkind books. I say the first four because that is before the author lost his mind.

    I also liked Borenson from the Runelords series. David Farland created a very unique vision there and Borenson got the sore end of it.

    And last but certainly not least, Eddie Dean, Jake Chambers, and Susannah Dean. Sai King did a remarkable thing in the last three Dark Tower books, he made me want to read every single character as much as the next. In most books I find myself wanting to skip to a more interesting character. The Dark Tower 5, 6, and 7 fixed that. Everything was worth it, to the last page.

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    Finn -from Jennifer Robinson's Cheysuli series. Just thinking of him makes me swoon and the butterflies in my stomach start fluttering! So handsome, strong, and loyal!

    Do I even need to mention Drizzt? No the avatar says it all!

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    The older I get . . . .

    Fantasy folk with whom I have felt substantial empathy are several, and it is hard to pick one or two only. I'd include:
    • Master Cheeser Jonathan Bing (James Blaylock)
    • Kai Lung (Ernest Bramah)
    • The Traveler in Black (John Brunner)
    • Qfwfq (Italo Calvino)
    • Garrett (Glen Cook)
    • Don Rodriguez (Lord Dunsany)
    • Doctor Vandermast (E. R. Eddison)
    • Herr Kreisler (E. T. A. Hoffmann)
    • Ruth Puttermesser (Cynthia Ozick)
    • Dr. Prunesquallor (Mervyn Peake)
    • Rincewind (Terry Pratchett)
    • Jog Rummage (Grahame Wright)

    Some of them are just greatly charming: Bing, Kai Lung, Qfwfq, Garrett, Don Rodriguez. Some are sympathetic, delightful but seemingly forever swimming upstream: Garrett, Kreisler, Puttermesser, Rincewind (and Kai Lung might go here, too). Some bear a burden of one sort or another: The Traveler, Vandermast, Prunesquallor, Rummage.

    There are several major figures to whom I am sympathetic, but of whom I cannot say they "engaged my heart and soul": Frodo, Sam, Titus Groan, and probably more. Who knows how these things work?

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    Ouch, tough question...

    Drizzt goes without question; a fine character on any level with plenty of wisdom to impart to anyone willing to listen.

    Hirad Coldheart from James Barclay's 'Raven' books. This guy is the very heart of the books, in more ways than one.

    Saltheart Foamfollower from the Thomas Covenant books. Now, whether this is down to Saltheart's general character or simply because he's there as a contrast to Tommy Covenant (there has never been another character in a book I've read who I've soooooo dearly wanted to beat to death with their own shoes) I do not know but he's a brilliant character.

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