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    Cover Art and Computer Graphics

    There are certainly both pros and cons about being with a small press, but one of the distinct advantages is having input into the covers that go on your books. This is not something that many authors get to do with the larger New York houses.

    As Gary found, he had the opportunity to solicit Robert Sammelin to illustrate the covers for his Gemquest books; and similarly, I was given the opportunity by Windstorm to provide my own illustrations for both The Road to Kotaishi and The Sands of Sabakushi.

    While I am by no means an artist, I do enjoy messing around with computer graphics. By virtue of having a passing familiarity with a good 3-D modeling program (Bryce, available from DAZ Studios) and image editing programs like Photoshop, I was able to come up with some decent images to use for my books. Not only was it quite satisfying to have my own artwork on my own book, but I could eliminate the issue of trying to get someone else to interpret the vision that was in my head.

    Here are my four covers so far, somewhat larger than in the Books thread:

    Over on my website is a brief outline of how I used Bryce to create the Kotaishi cover.

    I'd be interested to hear from anyone on the topic of book cover art, particulary the use of computer graphics to produce them; or just on computer graphic art in general.

    Update from May, 2006: This very loooong, and graphics-intensive thread, started out talking about covers but rapidly became a forum for displaying the various artwork projects that I've been working on. If you start at the beginning and work your way through, you will be able to watch my transformation from total neophyte with using the people-generation program to something hopefully a bit better. Along the way I periodically demonstrate some of the techniques in use. If you'd prefer to skip the preliminaries (some of which are really embarrassingly bad at this point!) and want to skip to the latest stuff, head for some of the most recent pages of the thread.

    Update from September, 2006: After straining the capacity of good ol' SFFWorld, it was recommended to me that I close this thread and start a new one, which I have done. The current thread is the one called Computer Art, and is where all of the new stuff and attendant commentary is located. However, do feel free to read through any of this one that you like, since it does still show an interesting progression as I worked with the tool.
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