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    WWII Pilots transported to fantasy world?

    I read this book probably 15 years ago, and it may have been older still. Anyway this squadron of fighter pilots from the WWII through Korean war era are somehow transported to a magical world where technology doesn't work. (Bermuda Triangle style) Instead this world runs off energy from crystals. By placing crystals in special belts it allows them to focus their will through them so they can fly without machines, shoot lasers, and create forcefields around themselves.

    The main character, a fighter pilot squadron leader, and his group rise to power through their excellent aerial combat skills and help save the world.

    I don't remember much else, only that it was a very entertaining read. If this sparks anyone else's memories please post whatever you can.

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    Ooohh, and another book I read around the same time involved a group of 5 or 6 people that belonged to a secret section of the government that is used to track down paranormal activity. The book opens with the main character, who is a detective. He enters the home of the person he is tailing only to find out she is a vampire. The squad comes out of the woodwork to save him and end up recruiting him.

    Most of them had powers of some kind, such as a priest who could heal people and turn undead and such, a psychic, and there was a fat guy who was a heavy weapons expert who used to be a tunnel rat in the Vietnam war so he ate alot and gained weight so he would never have to go in another tunnel again.

    That's all I really remember of the book. It may have been written in first person.

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