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    The thing about the Jedi is that they live like warrior monks and have a lot of restrictions put on their lives by following the "Jedi Code"i.e. knights of honour/chivalry/justice etc.
    They set themselves very high standards of behaviour, which in all honesty would be hard for anyone to live up to. I think this causes a lot of internal conflicts as they must constantly follow the side of light like latter day paladins.
    The further you stand on the moral high ground, the easier it is to fall and one you've slipped up as a Jedi it's mostly all downhill from there.

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    Yeah I mean aside from Vader to an extent there isn't much literature on members of the Sith going the other way, which is surprising given how interesting such a topic could be. Is it likely to be because Lucas wants a clear definition of 'good' and 'bad', that got this topic started in the first place, in his universe with the ocassional fallen angel?

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    Just thought I would chime in, as I'm nearly through SHATTERPOINT.

    Nicely done MWS.

    'we are forked' nice one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MWStover
    Hey there.

    It's only two and a half months until I can start talking about REVENGE OF THE SITH. In detail.

    Until then, let me just say two things. One, Jedi are individuals, with individual problems and individual struggles.

    Two, I love Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    Love that guy.

    Just you wait, J. Just you wait.


    May I second that. Obi-Wan WAS probably the epitome of the Jedi in the series, but nowhere more so than in RotS.

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    Hm. I never liked some things in star wars...

    1) if u can use force to crush metal objects, tear apart tons of dors - what could u do to bio mass like a human body... desintegrate it with a thought...

    second thing - FORCE doesn't have a brain - humans do-

    I' mean u are not good person if u cut someone with a knife but bad one if u do it with a gun-

    If jedi can manipulate force - with water, wind, lightning, fire, atoms, heat - it is just same force ...

    u are not evile if u shape force in one way or good if u use a lightsaber...
    that is crap...

    It is all about morals and personal ethics. U can do beautifull stuff with force not just be butcher with lightsaber and be good.

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