How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the abomination of desolation....?....2300 days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.
-Daniel, The Old Testament.

Horrors are not new in our long history
of abomination and desolation as our
world has found a warm, slowly growing
privacy, within a complex bedlam of modernity
and alienation in mass places: factories, schools,
hospitals, prisons and the very pervasiveness of life.
This concentration of emotional energy in the family
and imagination, as we try to grasp an immense complexity
of order and motion with images of innocence and power
in the wretches and names of history: idiots, chimney-sweeps,
illegitimate children, orphans, nursemaids, pick-pockets, misery
in coal mines, factories, building sites and slums, kings and princes,
philosophers and inventors. We find our identity with everyone we
know, as a name-within-a-family and its deeply intensive emotional
nerve centre amidst the vast anodyne processes on freeways, playspaces,
shopping centres, industrial estates, towns and cites everywhere, codified
now by Marx, Freud and a thousand analysts in a consumer culture where
dreams still tantalize the marketplace and that tempest still sweeps the earth.

Ron Price
21 June 1997
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The full implementation of the Plan began in 1937....The first stage of that enterprise, which had been held in abeyance for well nigh twenty years, while the administrative institutions were taking shape and were being perfected.
-In the Introduction to the Tablets of the Divine Plan, USA, 1977, p.xi.

In the first twenty-five years in which the Tablets of the Divine Plan were being implemented(1919-1944) the soil of human existence was indeed, as ‘Abd’ul-Baha said, quoting the Qur’an, “black and dried”. The world saw a slaughter of human life, from 1914 to 1944, that far exceeded anything it had ever known. It was on this soil that “heavenly outpourings” descended and “the radiant effulgences” appeared.
-Ron Price with quotations from the first tablet in the Tablets of the Divine Plan, written in March 1916, several months before the great battles of the Somme, Verdun and Flanders that killed many millions in WWI.

When the International Teaching Plan
got going Stalin was mowing them
down by the millions and Hitler was
getting ready to do the same amidst
utopian promises, vicious, unimaginable
horrors from Sakhalin to Sheffield and a
bath of blood and bones, an insanity of
undreamt proportions. The Administrative
Order was taking its first shaping, unobtrusively,
over two decades of political manoevering,
temple building and the taking of theory into
fact. The spiritual conquest of the Western
hemisphere proceeded surrounded by an
orgy of violence as the first century closed.1

Ron Price
17 October 1997

1 the first century of Baha’i history: 1844-1944.