Let me start off with a little background, a brief taste of indoctrination, err, introduction.

So far I have managed to survive fifty plus years on this planet, and the last eight have been as a full-time fantasy author. My previous occupation was the president of a consulting firm. I live in sunny Florida with my wife and cat. My daughters are grown and are off making their own marks in the world.

I have just finished writing book number eighteen, which is the finale of an eight book series. All of my books fit into three series, and the bibliography follows:

Targa Trilogy
- Origin Scroll – 1997
- Dark Quest – 1997
- Ancient Prophecy – 1997

Sword of Heavens
- Sapphire of the Fairies – 1998
- Unicorns’ Opal – 2002
- Abuud: the One-Eyed God – 2002
- Dwarven Ruby - 2002
- Emerald of the Elves – 2002
- Dragons’ Onyx – 2003
- Amethyst of the Gods – 2003

Forgotten Legacy
- Young Lord of Khadora – 1998
- Star of Sakova – 2000
- Web of Deceit – 2002
- Aakuta: the Dark Mage – 2003
- Island of Darkness – 2003
- Elvangar – 2004
- Winged Warrior – 2004
- Time of Cleansing (working title) – 2005

My next work will be a stand-alone fantasy novel, which I shall refer to as CFTK for now.

Although my books are available in print, my primary focus has been the ebook world. I understand that I am a bit ahead of the readership world, but I am a firm believer in the future of ebooks. It is my intention to be firmly situated in that industry when it finally takes off. Currently, two of my books are ranked first and second at fictionwise.com in the fantasy category.

I am thrilled to have sffworld.com host this forum, and I look forward to hearing from all of you.