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    Another newbie.... :0)

    I introduced myself at the 'fantasy' forum, so I guess I can do the same here. :0)

    I'm Linda, I live in the north of Sweden and I'm 18 years old. (Since the first of this month, actually)

    I love to read good bocks, and although I mostly read fantasy I read some sf as well.

    Many people tell how they have been writing since they could hold a pen, in princip.

    I discovered how fun it can be just about a year, a year and a half ago. And it wasn't until during the past summer I started to write more. (I'm better than I was, but I'm not that very good yet. I'm working on it

    And when I now got the chance to ramble about myself, I guess I can add that one of the best stories I know is Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night' and that my favourite magical creature is the Unicorn.

    See you around!

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    Welcome! To answer your question Junior Member means you have less than 30 posts, after that you become a Member.


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    Thanks! :0)

    *grins* Oh, I see.... Interesting


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    Welcome! My real name is Aaron, not Wolfgang, and I hope to see some of your work on the site soon. By the way, are you working on a novel or just writing short stories? Just wondering.

    Best of luck,

    Aaron Wolfe

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    Hi Aaron.
    Thanks and the same. :0)

    I'm actually working on both, I have an idea for a novel which I'm writing on every now and then, then I have some short stories I'm about to finish or have put on ice for a while and might finish sometime And also, right now some new ideas for short stories that I just might write...

    I write mostly in swedish, so it won't be that many stories of mine here, but some, most likely.(I like to write critique, though

    How about you, short stories or novel? (Do you have anything up here somewhere now? I'd like to see it


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