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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Bakker View Post
    We human beings like to simply have our beliefs, not challenge them. In fact, for a great number of us challenging beliefs is a stigma, taboo, or outright sin.
    I read a study that said that the most deciding factor for Americans in which party they vote for is who their parents party is.

    Do we seriously not think?

    There's another study that says we no longer think because we don't matter. Because we can't really affect elections either way, we don't inform ourselves and hence pick mediocre (if that) politicians.

    I'll try to find actual sources.

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    To me, it sort of seems like belief is not quite knowing. Belief implies faith, to me.Questioning beliefs and tradition is a diet soda form of rebellion for some people. People seem to have set patterns that can mimic original thought or free thinking, kind of like a cam system in a slot machine. More and more, I see the patterns in peoples' actions, speech, and formation of thought.
    If we are ONLY products of our parents, then what is the point? It kind of says, "Your gene pool has done all it can do, so, DIE!"
    Is there really an original point? Or is everything just a shuffled version of the same things? Are we just a bunch of self important, self indulgent Rubiks' Cubes? A finite amount of combinations shuffled around endlessly?
    Am I typing this? I think I need a hug.

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    This is a big scary existence. We as humans like to think we can understand and thus possibly control life. that is our security. Peoples are different so their cultures are different. perhaps for many if they accept that those differences may be valid, it invalidates their beliefs and takes away their security. They hold on to what they believe as if its a life preserver. They fight those who argue against them because they are trying to take away that security. How much of it all is instilled human nature that we can never change? How much of it is the nature of the world, if you believe in the inherent evil of the world. Big can of worms if you ask me sir.

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