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    Question It's really tuff

    I have contemplated writing a book for many years; a book that people would enjoy to read. Not for money or fame... well maybe a folk legend... But mainly to know that people actually enjoy something that came from me.

    Finally after all these years of kids, family and work (my happy distractions) I just started writing. It was as if I found a place within myself that had been trapped since I was a kid. Stories that I had made up, characters that lived a lifetime in my mind, I wish I had started doing this years ago... It just makes me happy.

    Then I discover the tuff part (by tuff I mean hard on me).
    Its tuff to put your creativeness out there for all to see. Then I find that its really tuff to put it out there and not be seen by others.

    Lets face it we all want our works of art to be seen or heard. To me there is no greater thrill than to tell stories to my children. But I still would like the chance to listen to the thoughts of others. I just have not been able to reach those that are interested.

    A good friend suggested that I try the Internet. So here I am. Hopefully I reach those that are interested and moreover I hope you all enjoy.

    Thank you
    Clint Jaynes

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    I think you've found the right place. At this site you have to opportunity to post up your work and see what others think.

    And you're right. It is tough to put your work on display for all to see. Some people are pretty blunt with their remarks. The only advice I can offer is that if it's something you really want to do then go ahead and do it. You won't be perfect the first time out - no one is. You might need to grow a thick skin, but if you see each failure as an opportunity to grow, with some hard work and a little bit of luck, you could be the next J.K. Rowling.

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    Well, it's all in how you look at it too I think. I don't mind when people in a workshop criticize my work, or people on a website, because I don't know them. I can allow my work to be read and criticized by friends and family only after it is complete because I am secretive about my works in progress because I don't want people to know how screwed up things can be before I finish them.

    Don't worry about "bad criticism." If someone can tell you that a part of your story isn't working for them and why, then you know how to fix it. That doesn't mean you screwed up, it means you overlooked a detail because you already knew it, but you didn't remember that we didn't know it. The only criticism that makes me angry is when people say, "I didn't like it," and that is more because they don't tell me anything. Just keep trying to improve your work, keep pushing through it, and remember that when all is said and done it is still your work, and if you have it the way you want it then whatever other people say doesn't really matter.

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    The only way to get better is for others to tell you what's wrong with your work. To do that, you must go to the corner of Broadway and stand naked. Actually, that may be easier than posting your work here and getting beat up over it. One thing you must learn quickly, the toughter your skin, the easier time you'll have being a writer. So taken any negative comment and file it away under, I can do better next time and go forward. Don't look back on past mistakes unless you've still got something to learn from them. Once you've learned, move on. It's the only way to remain sane. Course, some of us were never sane to begin with...

    Oh, and welcome aboard.

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    Some of us might seem a little odd.

    Later you'll discover just how strange we are.

    Its ok. Some of us are actually allowed out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Expendable

    Its ok. Some of us are actually allowed out.
    Only when they have "tagged" us.

    Welcome, jump in. Don't worry about putting stuff up for critique, folks only take one layer of skin at a time.

    Seriously, most here are the same, struggling to bring the stories in their heads alive.

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    Welcome, Welcome.....Welcome, welcome.

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    Welcome to SFFW!!!

    And you have found the right place.

    Be brave, but also be thick-skinned. Most people want to help you along, some to drag you down.

    The important thing is that you have found that voice AND you enjoy writing. Unless you are unique you will need to write thousands and thousands of words before you get it right, but as I said, sharing and discussing your work here will help you along.

    Take critique for what it is, nothing more.

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    Thank you all for the warm welcome. I look forward to sharing my writing. Especially with those willing to take the time to read it. I hope you enjoy it. I must admit that the stories that I have published were written when i was young... very young. I think I will publish some of my more recent work.

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    Oh, I almost forgot thanks to those that have commented on my published pieces with kindness and assistance

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