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    Fantasy Books into Movies!

    Easy there ppl=) i'm not going to start another "disscussion" thread... I want you to share some rumours with me that you've heard whispered. What books are being made into movies??

    After the highly successful Lotr movies, producers and filmmakers are ready to really milk all the money out of fantasy that they can.

    The latest example I found was David Farlands Runelords being filmed... The books are pretty poorly written but the story is good. Actually this is one book that I think can turn into a better movie than the original book=)

    Anyways here is the link:

    What do u guys think?? The budget is pretty sweet at 80 millon bucks for one movie=)

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    A possible movie trilogy based on the "Elric of Melniboné" stories of Michael Moorcock is apparently in pre-production.The Weitz Brothers (American Pie Trilogy, About A Boy) are supposed to be producing if not directing and the script is meant to be in the works for part one.

    There are nearly forty pages of discussion at, Moorcock's website where he responds to questions and chat in a forum environment, concerning the project.

    One half of the Weitzes, Chris Weitz, is directing the His Dark Materials films' first installment Northern Lights.

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    The Piers Anthony "Spell for Chameleon" Xanth book is to be made to a movie also. More books there to work with than even the James Bond series, if it ends up a hit. Effects should be interesting, and the fan base is a proven one.

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    Sci-fi, not fantasy, but...

    I can't remember where, but I've heard that Martin Scorsese is interested in making Dan Simmons' Hyperion. How cool would that be? Can anybody confirm?

    Also, Terry Gilliam has long been trying to bring Allan Moore's The Watchmen to the screen. <drools>

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    They're doing Howard. Conan and Soloman Kane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monosylabik
    Also, Terry Gilliam has long been trying to bring Allan Moore's The Watchmen to the screen. <drools>
    Watchmen would work best as an HBO series.

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    I know there has been Good Omens rumors for forever.

    Here is something from Neil Gaiman's Site:
    And here is something from Terry Gilliam's (sort-of) official site.

    Also, just correct above; Micheal Moorcock's site is

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    I read a little while back on Elizabeth Haydons' official site that the "Rhapsody" series was being made into movies. I've looked around and haven't sign of it in production but I am pretty sure this was legit.

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    Mmh, it is interesting. Often film rights are sold, but not always is the movie realized.

    I think rights to 'Mists of Avalon' were sold a long time ago, but in the end it was not made into a cinema movie but only a short tv series by someone else . . .

    Or am I wrong there?

    Well, there are three books I know of, whose film rights are sold: Bartimaeus - The Amulet of Samarkand, Eragon and Inkheart.

    Actually, I am not overly happy about turning novels into movies. Quite often it is done very well - but . . . I love to read and I love to watch movies. So even if I will watch every fantasy movie coming up (and like some very much), I am always happy to see one that is original. A story and everything planned only for the big screen.

    On the other hand: The Princess Bride - I love the movie and then I read the book, which I loved as well. I would not have known the book without the movie.

    So, there are some pros as well.


    Oh, and something else: the Wachowksy Brothers were involved in the new Conan movie project. But then I heard that they droppd out. Is that true? Anyone here who can tell me?

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    Achmed, according to the UK cover blurb of Rhapsody the rights to the series have been bought by a production company. Also in an interview on this very site in 2000 she claimed that a draft screenplay had been completed. More recent information than that I cannot find - I wouldn't hold my breath on this one.

    Also Chronicles of Narnia is scheduled for release on Christmas day 2005. This seems a very direct rival to Tolkien and although my heart sank on reading about Disneys involvement, intriguingly enough the special effects are being done by Peter (Christ) Jackson's own Weta Digital.

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    All I can when will it end ???? I am getting tired of the freakin Spidermans and Batmans and Catwomens, Hulks etc etc etc.

    I was happy to see LOTR become a movie, although not totally pleased with the outcome. But still, hopefully it inspired some people to go read the books.
    I doubt that lesser know works of Fantasy that are adapted to film will inspire people to read the books...why...because people are lazy. LOTR already had a large following before the books came out and because of that the name and concept of the books was already in the public lexicon. I am sure the movies did inspire some people to read the books. But I am sure more of them will never read the books at all.

    But turing Fantasy into a movie is a difficult prospect. There is so much going on, world and culture building, plot development, magical elements and environments. And far too much will end up getting left out of the movie, so the book ends up getting misrepresented. I say keep Fantasy off the movie screens. The movies never come close to the books anyway. Furthermore, Hollywood is a bunch of lazy f***** anyway. Wanting to repeat the same formula or do what is easy, hence you see so many damn sequels. Actors, Dictectors...Need to be pushing the boundries and trying new things and further exploring the medium of film, rather than simply making adaptations or bs comic book stories. Making adaptations over and over again encourages people to be lazy and NOT READ THE BOOKS. We need more people reading. Furthermore, if you are going to turn a fantasy work into a movie....The Freakin Runelords is one of the worst possible choices I could think of. I tell you what would make for an interesting transition to film if it was done right, CS Friedman's Coldfire Trilogy. Overall Sci Fi transfers more easily to film. But again, I would rather see script writers coming up with original concepts and ideas rather than adaptations over and over again.
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    Achmed, according to the UK cover blurb of Rhapsody the rights to the series have been bought by a production company. Also in an interview on this very site in 2000 she claimed that a draft screenplay had been completed. More recent information than that I cannot find - I wouldn't hold my breath on this one

    You might be right. Out of curiosity i went on her site after i posted and no one seems to be gossiping about a possible movie. As much as I don't want to see books i cherished growing up with a Hollywood taint, I wouldn't mind seeing a few to see if they can do it right. Comic book movies are beginning to lose its luster fast and frankly outside of Spiderman and the first Batman were quite horrible. Chronicles of Narnia i can see doing very well. It has that mix of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings that would attract both crowds, epecially if they are going to show during Xmas. But i can see this as the new hot genre in moviemaking the next few years. Growing up I never imagined I would ever see Lord of the Rings dramatically adapted. I wouldn't mind seeing a few more. Just so long as they don't become special effects heavy and they hire good actors. And I like to believe to someone who isn't usually inclined to read might see a movie and actually want to read the book and maybe give more books a chance. There is still even today this somewhat negative stereotype on the fantasy genre that is only barely becoming accepted by the mainstream.

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    I think little by little, more and more books are being made into movies, it's just a matter of (especially with fantasy) having the right technology.

    I'd love to see the Chronicles of Amber (first five) turned into a movie.

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    Lions of Al Rassan by Guy Gavriel Kay is being made into a movie. The film is being directed by Ed Zwick (Glory and The Last Samurai).
    So if nothing else it should look good.

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