I hate current affair programs.

I was just watching a current affair (the australian one) and was basically watching a piece about how, if I go into the water sharks are going to eat me alive, and there's nothing I can do about it.

last night there was a piece on about how, as a seventeen year old, I'm responsible for all violence in society. Well, me and video games and rap music (and non-whites).

There was a piece on awhile ago where they sat kids down in front of MA15+ games and made observations as to the children's behaviour afterwards. Isn't that incredibly irresponsible of them? making children play violent games as a part of some experiment?

I'm getting sick of current affairs shows blaming aboriginals for all of the country''s problems. I never hear about anything violent caused by white guys. I live in the region with the second highest murder rate in queensland (eleven murders per one thousand people) and I haven't seen any aboriginals around these parts.

There was a piece awhile back about how dangerous chemicals were being put into my honey. The fact they managed to omit was that these were being put as one part per thousand. they dangerous limit was one hundred part per thousand. Weren't going to tell me that, though, were you? Not enough ratings that way...

As the impressionable youth that I am, I'm slowly being led to believe -

a) all non-white people want to kill me/ steal from me/ destroy the fabric of which my world has been created.
b) That honey is evil.
c) Going to the beach is fatal.
d) Every small business owner is a crook, and i should only do business with the more 'reputable' multi-national conglomerates.
e) I shouldn't give money to charity, because they're all crooks as well.
f) I shouldn't read/watch/listen to/play anything where people get killed.
g) But I should join the army.

And as I'm writing this, there's an article on about a butcher's shop. Some woman is taking them to court because one of the guy's asked her if she wanted a rack of lamb. Yeah a RACK of lamb. They must be satan!

Someone please shoot me.