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    Need Help Finding Another Series

    So I just finished my latest book Brisingr in The Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, which was less than what I expected but sufficed. I've read the Wheel of Times, the Far Seer Trilogy, and all of Jim Butchers books which I have to say are extremely to my liking, both the Codex of Alera and the Dresden Files. I've also read the Belgariad installment, the Pendragon Series and In Legend Born, The White Dragon, and The Destroyer Goddess and the Bartimaeus Trilogy. Anyhow to my point, I'm looking for a good series to grip my attention and after spending many hours in Barnes Noble I've decided to ask some of you experienced people. I'm searching for something thick with fantasy, magic using, undiscovered talents, and what have you. The books I've listed above are the ones I've loved so you guys have a bit of my style to go off. Any help at all would be much appreciated.

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    Quite a varied bunch in there!

    Depending on whether you're in the mood for high-fantasy that'll keep your brain ticking over or low-brow hack'n'slash bubblegum fantasy, here's a few suggestions. Forgive the lack of structure, I'm writing this between calls at work!

    - 'Legends of The Raven', James Barclay
    - 'Chronicles of The Raven', James Barclay
    - 'Ascendants of Estorea', james Barclay
    - Steve Erikson's 'Malazan' books are popular high fantasy books though I haven't read them. Yet.
    - Terry Brooks' 'Shannara' books are good, clean fun
    - RA Salvatore's Drizzt Do'Urden books are excellent and there are a lot of them. Start with the 'Icewind Dale' trilogy

    I'll leave it there for now!

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    Greg Keyes' Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone immediately come to mind - a very solid and complete fantasy series of four books.

    Brandon Sanderson's (soon-to-be) completed Mistborn trilogy also comes to mind - a rigorously developed magic system, well-rounded characters and a really solid story. The first book in the series The Final Empire is our current Fantasy Book Club Selection.

    I'd also suggest you click around the forums a bit because you will likely add another ten books to your to-read list just by browsing our forums here.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll hop on those series, and I'll probably spend a few hours also thumbing through these forums.

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