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    Discworld First Edition

    I am new here and new to Terry Pratchett's book - I have just bought a copy of The Colour of Magic and a copy of The Light Fantastic. Also, I have a Hardback copy of Moving Pictures, I believe it is a first edition, first impression by Victor Gollancz, the only thing is it has 'Gollancz SF' in a small square printed at the top of the spine of the dustjacket. Someone has told me that they think this means it is a book club edition, however, it does not say it is a book club edition or mention BCA. Anyone know if it is a book club edition, or where I might find out? Thanks for any help.
    Anyway, I'm off to start reading The Colour of Magic now.
    Many thanks,
    Fred (from the United Kingdom)

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    I have the first print, first impression myself (Compelte set of Discworld The boo kwas reprinted by Gollancz in 1997 as a hardback, if it's not 1997 and it's 1990 and it says first print/first impression and the isbn# is 0575047631, it shoudl be a first editon.

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