As I said on the thread below: I going to cheat...
I have been asked to be part of several of the panels at Swancon in Perth, Australia. So I thought I get some ideas from some of you readers out there...

Panel 2: Writers' Workshops: do they work?

I'm in an odd position here. I have only attended a single "workshop", if it could be called that, given by a published fantasy writer. She gave a competent talk - the workshop was not designed to look at any of the participants work - but I can't say I learned a thing, other than that one should not indent after text breaks... Everything she said I already knew.

On the other hand, I can't help feeling that there is an awful lot of things I learned the hard way, that I could have learned much quicker by attending a workshop early in my career.

And now I am actually giving a "workshop" in Perth on 13th March...and in a short 3 hours, I am going to try to impart a few of those "secrets" to help the participants become published novelists.

So, what do you people think? Do Writers' Workshops work? (Especially ones that don't actually look at participants' work????)