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    Smile please give me the name :D


    a few years ago i have seen a movie, but i can't remember the name or actors who have played in it..

    it's about a longhaired boy, somewhere in the late 70ties, but a modern film (probably created in the 90ties)

    the boy is about to be ragged (dunno how it's cold.. it's a thing seniors do when they are leaving school, some sort of stunt.. a sort of deflowering the lower classes or something by teasing them, deflowering is not the rite word..)

    the seniors are going to do it by spanking him with a flat baseballbat..(a cricket bat something.. sorry i am from holland ) the boy finds a way to get out of it.. but after baseballpractise he still gets it..

    then he meets some other seniors and he goed out with them to a sort of casino/hang out... and the bou smokes pot and stuff and starts drinking and he kisses a older girl..

    ther is also a girl in the movie, and she get ragged (orso..) by the senior girls by being threated as a baby.. she also goes out with the seniors later and hangs with them at that sort of casino..

    it's an american movie and a comedie.. please help me!!

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    Dazed and Confused maybe?

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    Yeah, that's Dazed and Confused.

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    YESS that was it thanks jeeej

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    Ah yes, "Dazed and Confused". Richard Linklater's love letter to hazing.

    One of my favs. It's weird that that movie was about the 70's but it was almost exactly like my high school experience in the mid-90's. I suspect it's still the same for kids today, some things never change.

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