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    Any recommendations...

    ... for a Pratchett newbie???
    I'm a real book addict and I love doing my book shopping at my local bookstore. This happens to be the Hugendubel in Frankfurt/Main, Germany (4 huge floors filled with books :-D) because I'm German.
    Now at Hugendubel they have a lot of English books (at least compared to all the other bookstores I know). I've been standing on fron of the shelves with the Pratchett books a couple times now, but it's so overwhelming I just don't know where to start. Whenever I'm there I stare at all the Pratchett books they have and think with which one should I start so that I can at least read the backcover blurb for the moment...
    Could you guys give me any sort of hints? I'd really appreciate it!!!

    Thanks, Kathrin

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    Theif of time was very good

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    I've only read one of his so far, The Colour of Magic, and I doubt it's his best book. It's not very funny, and not really worth reading. I've just started Soul Music, and so far it isn't much better. I've heard Good Omens, co-written with Neil Gaiman, is his best.

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    Hmm yes i didn't think Colour of magic was very good either.

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    I've read Soul Music now, and while it was better than Colour of Magic, it wasn't great. OK as a light read, but it doesn't explain the almost unanimous enthusiasm for the series. It had some funny ideas in it, but he drew them out too long - music with rocks in was a great idea to use, but then it was drawn out as the focus of the plot over nearly 400 pages, when it would have worked much better if it had just been another little feature of the world.

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    You'll find the more you read the more you enjoy the series its weird and wacky but utterly brilliant. personnley my fav is interesting times and its a good a place as any to start.

    I'd advise getting your first few from a library and finding which characters you prefer before buying them. I personnley find the witch novels drag a bit but adore the ones in ankh-morpork its all preference really.

    doubt that helped but I had good intentions in any case.

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    Anything with the City Watch in there, like Guards! Guards!

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