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Worms - New peaple   (53 ratings)

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Rating (53 ratings)
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Game Information
TitleWorms - New peaple
PublisherTeam 17
Game Reviews
Submitted by Micah McQueary 
(Apr 05, 2005)

I don't know how these people came up with it, and I don't know why, but the end result turned out to be... Worms. Yep. Gun-totin', rocket launching, bannana throwing, sheep chucking, holy-hand-grenade juggling worms. These worms, as you could tell as soon as you started playing, mostly have british accents. Made by Team 17 for the PC, I found this game by chance. In fact, I borrowed it from a friend and forgot to bring it back. However, it was the most fun I had on the PC for a long time.

Laiden with 2-D goodness and wonderful voices, I savored every minute. The first thing I tried out in the game was the multiplayer, as I usually do with most games as to test it out before trying my hand at a story mode or single player. A new screen appeared, which had a team roster, a level change and a game option modifer. One thing that caught my eye, first off, was the "Create Team" option. Clicking it, I found I could name my team of worms, give them an accent (A wonderful variety of british accents and a few other eccentric ones. For instance, "Double-Oh-Seven" or "Goofed"). After that, I chose a flag, a winning jingle (The national anthem, or a tribal hymn for instance) and finally a gravestone. Yep, when you die, you leave behind a little gravestone. You also have the option of making the team either a CPU or a human player. The game options included many things to tool around with. This included the number of winning rounds to a match, whether or not to have fall damage, how many crates fell and what kind (almost every turn a crate fell from the sky, presenting either a weapon, health, or a utility) . It was interesting to me before I even started playing it. Setting up the team roster, I put myself up against a small CPU opponent and hit "Start Game".

2-D worms were laid across a 2-D landscape, beset with a colorful 2-D background with 2-D things blowing in the wind. Apparently the wind affected some of your weapons. Nice. It was my turn, and I found that I had a large arsenal of weapons at my disposal. From Rocket Launchers and normal Grenades and Cluster Grenades, to Bannana Bombs and the Monty Python spoofed Holy Hand Grenade, I just had to try them all out. I also noticed that the landscape could be torn apart. Not exactly torn apart, as much as just plainly evaporated if a weapon was shot at it, leaving the battle to your imagination. Below the land was a large ocean of water. Now I get it. Worms... Water... If you so much as touched it, you were dead. I was loving this game already.

Gameplay was excellent, and there were all sorts of little things that made the replayability stretch to the beyond. For instance, the game would go overtime and there would be a negative effect on the players. Sometimes the water level would rise, or everyone would be poisoned, maybe even a "Sudden Death" mode would be triggered. Other things added to the enjoyment, such as special utilities like a Jet Pack or a Ninja Rope. Single player is nice, as you have to do rigorous training to get a medal, and you need a medal to do single player missions. As you advance the missions you might get angry as it is a tad bit unfair for some, but the anger is worth it as you can unlock new game options for multiplayer! Trust me, you'll need it and love it.

Sound and music was invlolved so well. The accents gave the game a certain spice, as well as the moody background music that set the scene for a foggy battle; a sort of quiet and orchestrated loop, much like Return to Castle Wolfenstien's stealthy music. Other sounds were included into the weapons in a funny manner. For instance, I throw a Holy Hand Grenade (these mothers have a GIANT explosion!)and it comes to a rest. The worm closest pronounces "Uh-Oh" before the grenade blasts in a holy chorus, "HAAAALELLUJAH!" and sends it's victim careening towards the vast sea of liquid. From jumping grunts, to falling pains and the funny little "Uh-oh"s, it is pretty hillarious.

The plot is quite interesting, as it is about worms trying to dominate the earth. I couldn't see a better way to make a little less gory and more "Everyone" game and still make it the best 2-D platform game on PC that I've played so far. That is, until they come out with more Worms to suit my fancy.

Replayability (and no, I'm not talking about the whole game) is key as well, because if you do a really nice multi-kill with a bannana-bomb (a weapon with extreme power and clusters when it explodes)it will do a short replay of what happened, giving you a second chance to see your opponents, litterally, squirm. Or, just a second chance to see you yorself get blown to smithereens.
When you win a match in multiplayer, you get an award screen that doesn't look too far from an emmy and oscar roster. It doesn't really record it down, but it does make you laugh. You get "the most boring team" to "NASA greets 'so-n-so', who went 785 high" and even "'so-n-so turned a nasty green color". I have to say, if you enjoy 2-D strategy like the old time "Atomic Cannon" game, you will LOVE this like I did.

Gameplay - 5
Replayability - 4.5
Audio - 5
Plot - 4.5

I rate it as 4.5, because I have to say that the single player was a little difficult, and the replayablilty CAN get boring if you don't recieve new options in the next month or so of playing. Otherwise, it's awesome and I'd recommend ANYONE buying it just to try it out. I believe the program also comes with a sound editor so you can include your OWN voice in the game for a worm accent. Now, c'mon. If THAT doesn't attract you, I don't know WHAT will!


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