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Halo   (31 ratings)

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Rating (31 ratings)
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Game Information
DeveloperBungie Software
GenreFirst-Person Sh
Game Reviews
Submitted by Jake 
(Mar 09, 2008)

So, I played Halo through on easy first. I always do that on games that give the option, kinda like a general reconnoitering the enemy. But anyways, I then played it through on normal and heroic, and then the first level on legendary, and man alive is that game fun! It was just a blast to play, and even though the storyline is little more than an excuse to shoot things, it still is a fairly good storyline for a FPS game. I think overall, it deserves a five star rating, even though I wasn't fond of some of the language in it. That's just me.
Some of the levels I liked more than others. one of which is The Truth and Reconciliation. if you like sniping and covert action, this is the level for you! gameplay switching between firefights and covert assaults is just completely awesome.
the only other negative thing i would say about it is that you can only carry two guns. that seems a bit lame to me. I mean, if you have a rocket launcher or something, then you should only carry two. but what if you have a pistol, a sniper rifle, and a plasma rifle? that would just seem a little more balanced to me, just because then you could be a bit more prepared for things that get thrown at you in the game. (like in the Flood levels it would be nice to be able to carry a shotgun against the Flood, a plasma weapon for fighting Covenant, and maybe an assault rifle or pistol just for back up.)
so all in all, I think it's a good game if you don't mind some swearing and blue alien blood.


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