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devil may cry   (10 ratings)

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Rating (10 ratings)
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Game Information
Titledevil may cry
GenreSurvival Horror
Game Reviews
Submitted by fromearthtoemania@hotmail,com 
(Mar 06, 2006)

Capcom's first installment of this survival horror series is arguably the best. Using their vast experience from PSONE hits Resident Evil and Dino Crisis, Capcom created something a little different and more adventurous with Devil May Cry. Playing as Dante, a half demon/half human (and rather handsome)immortal with dark powers, you must make your way through a deserted fortress to stop an evil devil prince from unlocking the veil between the human world and the demon world. Along the way you will have to defeat various nasty fiends and solve challenging puzzles in order to achieve your goal.
The storyline is told in a series of missions, each containing a different theme and goal. Once a mission is completed you will be graded on your performance. Style, time, and damage sustained are just some of the factors you will be graded on.
Increasing your powers is achieved by collecting various coloured orbs lying around the fortress grounds. You can then offer them to Deity statues in return for awesome upgrades for weaponry or your own dark powers.
One of the reasons this game works so well is its sense of style. Dante has some truly excellent powers and moves, and the controls are very user-friendly, meaning you can execute devasting combo's. The gameplay flows so fast and smooth that just trying to keep up with the destruction you cause is a challenge all on its own. Dante's weapons are the some of the coolest you will ever play with. You can choose to slice and dice your foes with a huge intimadating sword, or blast away at them with your twin handguns.... may sound a little unoriginal at first, until you realise that u can switch instantly between them, allowing the potential for some unreal combo's that never seem to end.
Capcom's experience of survival horror really shows in this game. The dark gloomy settings provide a tense and chilling atmosphere, and the evil nasties really scare the s**t out of you.
Even if this genre of video-game isn't your thing, Devil may cry is very much worth giving a go, even if it is over four years old now. Besides, the advantage of its age is that you can pick it up in the pre-owned section for a bargain price.


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