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Wheel of Time MUD   (217 ratings)

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Rating (217 ratings)
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Game Information
TitleWheel of Time MUD
Genreonline rpg (mud
Game Reviews
Submitted by Jiryk Eldin 
(Aug 15, 2007)

This mud truly shines, it stands out among all others and has personally helped me through some rough times. The people are great, the coding is awesome and the world is unmatched. You'll find the people become your friends, and aren't just a one time play then you win, it's ongoing, I've played for 8 years and still haven't come close to doing everything. Check it out, it's waiting for you!

Submitted by BarfDader 
(Aug 15, 2007)

The definitive PK/PVP experience. There is not much fluff to this game, and the world is so closely driven by player acts instead of by character-interpreted acts (such as in WoW where your character responds in a vague way to your command when it feels like it) that the game pace and flow are an insane amount faster than any other MMORPG I've ever encountered.

The balance issues within WoTMUD have matured over the course of many years and have come to the point now where this is definitely one of the most balanced games around. There is no mamby-pamby PK/hostile flagging system, either. Everything goes, all the time. The race war is live and not computer driven, and real players, not mobs or NPCs drive the train exclusively.

Amazing experience and I definitely recommend that folks give it a shot. Its worth more than my WoW or Galaxies subscriptions but free.

Submitted by Jezebel 
(Jan 10, 2007)

Awsome mud!! User friendly without being a hand holding mud. Race wars between Trollocs, Humans and Seanchan make a truly dynamic experience every time you login. Imms are friendly and fairly responsive with gaming issues. Huge world, with plenty of spaces both crowded (for the RP enthusiast) or uncrowded (for the adventurer). Super mobs throughout the world that drop special gear, and even unique items given out by universal quests, etc. GREAT MUD!!


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