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Prince of Persia   (35 ratings)

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Rating (35 ratings)
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Game Information
TitlePrince of Persia
Game Reviews
Submitted by Dominus 
(Jan 19, 2005)

My roommate bought PoP for the Xbox about two days ago, so I started it yesterday at about 12, played for about 6 or 8 hours, then finished it a few hours ago today, and it was fun, most of the time. Basically you're a Persian Prince (no sh!t?) who does something very naughty and has to fix it, with the help of a really, really hot princess (and I mean hot). Anyway, the basic premise of the game is that you have to travel through this huge palace(and when I say huge, I mean the biggest building(s) on earth), and to do this, you have been blessed with super-duper monkey skills. Hell, you put monkeys to shame and you don't even have a tail. You can do all sort of things to get past each room/area, though, there is only one way to complete each area, there's no choosing between paths or anything. Anyway, back to the cool moves. You can run along walls, swing on ropes, swing on bars, run up walls and jump off, hang onto ledges and lots of cool stuff like that. You also have to fight baddies, whether they are fat old guys, buxom young servant girls with slim waists, huge guards with double-bladed staffs and so forth. The combat system is very good, allowing you to engage multiple enemies fairly easily with your typical slashing moves, and some cool jumping moves, whether they are over the persons head, or off a wall. Each enemy you vanquish, except in one certain circumstance, must be quickly stabbed with your dagger though, else they'll come back to life. This gets annoying when you are surrounded by around 5 other bad guys (and you will be, oh, you will be) and you can't get to them in time, or you're attacked while stabbing them. Another thing that gets annoying is that when you are knocked down, if you don't get up quickly, you're going to stay down as they keep hitting you and hitting you. Most battles consist of around 20 guys though, so they can be quite tiresome, especially when you have to do them over. But like I said, the game is fun. There are also some very awesome cinematic scenes, especially at the beginning. There is also a nude bath scene, for those interested. This is game you can rent and beat easily, I wouldn't recommend buying it, as the replay value isn't very high, but that's just me.


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