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Star Wars: Battlefront   (25 ratings)

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Rating (25 ratings)
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Game Information
TitleStar Wars: Battlefront
DeveloperLucas Arts
Genre3rd Person Shoo
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Star Wars: Battlefront
Game Reviews
Submitted by Gerald Roberts 
(Jan 07, 2006)

Battlefront is one of the most fun, zany, diverse Star Wars shoot-em-up games that I have ever played, in fact the most, until the sequel came along: we'll talk about that one some other time! It has many of Star Wars' biggest battles, and illustrates them quite well(rare for a game of its type). The one big dissapointment was the lack of space battles(come on George!). Overall a great action game for the true Star Wars fan.

Submitted by Micah McQueary 
(Feb 02, 2005)

Hey... Is it just me, or is there actually a Star Wars game based off of the film, and was done very well? Well I'll be! Yes, it's out, LucasArts made a game worthy of being Star Wars material. Not only does it truly give the experience that the film entails, but it made me feel like a true martyr of the Republic.... erm.... Alliance, aheheh. Man, I remember when I was a kid and saw those films. Playing that game made me feel like I took part in the actual war, that I made a difference to the rebel alliance. Call me a geek, but this game changed my life.... Okay... Maybe not even close, but it made me feel good to capture an enemy ATAT and blow the snot out of their suprised carcasses.

The music was like candy to my ears. John Williams would be proud of the work gone into the soundtrack, and even I almost danced at the main menu... Ah, the good old days...

Graphics were superb, especially for the size of the maps. Looking into the...erm.... goggles of a stormstrooper is now more exiting than ever. I mean, I've never had more pleasure in looking 1st person AND 3rd person in the same game, let alone a Star Wars game. I give them a high five for their efforts.

Gameplay... I cannot elaborate on how fun it was. A trooper/medic basically has three weapon choices. A normal blaster that has basically infinite ammo, a secondary weapon (rocket launcher, an automatic blaster, a med pack)and a few grenades. The basic goal is to either eliminate all of the enemy and their reinforcements (you start out with a certain amount of troops. If you die you respawn, but it takes away from the number of troops you can use during the rest of the war) or you must conquer all of the nodes in the map for at least 8 seconds without interruption (to conquer a node, an enemy soldier cannot be nearby). What a great idea. It makes for great replayability.

The graphics good, the gamplay good, the music good. Hell, this is plainly awesome! Their are special classes such as a Pilot (he can drive vehicles, and at the same time repair it. I mean, he can also repair when he's NOT driving. Anyone can drive, only this class is better. TRUST me), soldier, and a few other interesting classes (I like the guy with the rocket pack. ALWAYS choose him when you can). I LOOOOVE the special snowspeeder. If you have a friend driving, be he a human player or an NPC, you can tie up the big ATAT on the planet Hoth.It's just awesome. This game is like the syrup in a slurpie!

Graphics: 5
Music: 5
Gameplay: 5
Replayability: 5
(just for the heck of it) Fun: 5

I recommend this for all Star Wars geeks. Not only them, but for the people who have never seen the old films! I can't believe there are people like that that exist, but hey. You know, it happens. This game is a must buy, A MUST BUY. I say that in almost every review, you know why? I usually only rate the good games. Even writing this review makes me want to fight along the ewoks and clone troopers.

Catch you in another galaxy, I'm going to play Battlefront!


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