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Final Fantasy VIII  (134 ratings)
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Game Reviews
Submitted by Primal Destroyer (Oct 12, 2005) 
I think this is one of my... no actually this is my favorite game ive ever played
Personally I really liked the junction system as well as the battle system

The graphics really were great for the time (especially the CGI's) and I loved the character developement and the interactions between all the characters
And as for the story... well out of 10 I give it 15 :) awesome addicting game and I agree it would make for an excelent movie.
Submitted by Michael (Aug 27, 2005) 
Ahh, Final Fantasy VIII. SO much hate and criticism was sent towards this game. Many said it didn't compare to 7 in the slightest. I strongly disagree. Though I could never decide which I liked better, 8 or 10, I think Final Fantasy 8 was one of the best games ever made.

This was a marvelous storyline. It would make a great movie. It centers around a young man named Squall, a soldier at his school/training center, Balamb Garden. Through the story, you take control of Squall and his group of friends/fellow soldiers to bring down a sorceress that is theatening to compress time, aka, all existance denied. What starts out as a simple mission turns into the battle for the sake of the universe. It's a brilliant concept, and I get emotional every time I beat the game.

The characters in this game were phenomenal. You go so deep into their minds and hearts, especially Squall.

For 1999, these graphics were so amazing! I still love looking at them! The FMV movies are still my favorites out of any FF game. There was a mystical, noble and beautiful look about them. The details will blow your mind.

This game contains the best opening movie, fitted with one of the, if not THE best song in the series. Liberi Fatali. It's a beautiful orchestrated song, (not the little game music like during gameplay) with an amazing choir singing. I recomend you listen to it, even if you haven't played the game. You can find it online.

Many hated the junction system. I loved it. So customizable. You draw magic, mostly from the enemies and bosses and junction them to things such as health, speed, strength and magic attack abilities. Also, the battle system is great, filled with unique weapons such as The Gunblade, the best weapon in history. I think very few people would argue with that. Yes, the world map looks funny because you're bigger than the towns, but so what. It's what's in the towns that matters.

I'll do mine 10 out of 10:
Graphics: 10(for back then, probably 7 or 8 for now)
Music: 10
Gameplay: 10
Plot/Storyline: 10

Overall: 10

If you don't like it, you're missing out on something great. And if that's why you've never played it, go and get it now. Give it a chance!
Submitted by Dented (Apr 03, 2005) 
FFVIII was my favorite of the final fantasy series. Basically this game takes most of the popular features of the previous hit, FFVII, and makes them all the more better. As with any FF series game, expect great artwork, a good story, and lots of turn-based fighting.

If you are looking for the best of the best in roleplaying games, look no further.
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