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    Luka Datas

    Write One, Sub One

    There'd have to be some speed reading going on in there, I'd say. Probably speed read the heck out of their work stuff and then relax when they've got

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    Luka Datas

    SFFH Workshop

    Thanks, I thought so too. kind of. Thanks for all the pointers too. Heaps of useful stuff in there. Seems neither you nor IE could see any actual story

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    Write One, Sub One

    I've always wondered if these kind of people get any joy from reading anymore. If it is your job to read, and you read many hours every day, the last

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    Conan-ish World for Tabletop RPG

    Thanks, that's what I meant- spinning as it is now, but with the poles parallel to the suns rays

    The two axis perpendicular

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    Devin McDonnell

    Help Me Research!

    Hi Nila,

    Thanks for you submission and all your valid points!

    You are absolutely right, we aren't officially a business

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