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Ghost Ship  (1444 ratings)

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Rating  (1444 ratings)
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Movie Information
TitleGhost Ship
Production Company
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Submitted by trish nettlles 
(Apr 10, 2005)

This is by far the best horror movie I have seen in many years. It was so tastefully done. The very beginning of the movie is"shocking" and from then on it has you in its grips! All the actors and actresses were very well chosen for their parts and played them awesomely. The music is so beautiful that it had me singing in Italian or Spanish, whatever language it was. GREAT MOVIE!

Submitted by Zane W. Olesen 
(Dec 12, 2002)

Take the movie "Titanic" mix in part of "The Haunting", throw in a dash of bad directing, stir in two parts Hollywood logic gaps. Add a cup-o-cheesy acting. What's this a recipe for? Well other then a really bad horror flick you have none other then Warner Brothers half-baked "Ghost Ship."

Directed by Steve Beck of "Thirteen Ghosts", "Ghost Ship" starts out with a lavish evening dinner and dance scene on a luxury Liner in 1953. Everyone is all fancied up and doing their best glamorous ballroom dance shtick

Then some unknown person releases one of those kinds of support wires that do not exist on any real ship in the history of the world. However, this clever little support wire can attain an amazing amount of speed and momentum, plus make a real cool zipping sound. So fast and powerful is this wire that it shears through the entire crowd of dancers. The dancers stop; looking wild eyed, like "Holy freaking cow did I just get cut in half, or something?"

This scene is exhaustively contrived to be shocking and horrific as delightfully dressed dancers severed in varying areas begin to disassemble and collapse to the floor and wriggle around as they die.

To me it was laughable. "Ghost Ship" contains these kinds of huge gaps of logic that make the entire movie ridiculous.

Anyway flash to present day, where a salvage ship's crew are celebrating their recent recovery at a bar somewhere in Alaska.

They are contacted by a pilot named Ferriman (The writers thought they were being clever with this name) who tells the salvagers about this abandoned Ocean Liner in the Bering Sea he has seen while flying.

The Captain of the salvage ship is played by none other then Gabriel Bryne who' s partner is played by none other the Julianna Margulies. For sure "Ghost Ship" has a superb cast, but they not given anything to work in the story and script department.

So duh the Captain is going to say yeah, because as we all know rusty abandoned Ocean Liners in the middle of nowhere are always worth a ton-o-money.

Shortly the crew of the salvage ship navigates the Bering Sea where they find the massive Luxury Liner. One of the remarkable feats the filmmakers accomplished here is making the Bering Sea seem as calm as a Hollywood back lot sound stage. Amazing!

So the crew boards the Luxury Liner and then the action and scares commence. I won't spoil what happens, but you can ask yourself these questions.

Are they going to have anything bad happen to them?
Will they be able to swim around in the Bering Sea like itís a heated pool?
Will there be special effects?
Will the movie ever end?
Can I get my money back?



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