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Mummy Returns, The  (13 ratings)

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Rating  (13 ratings)
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Movie Information
TitleMummy Returns, The
Production Company
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Submitted by Zanan 
(Dec 12, 2002)

OH MY GOD!!! this movie was horrible. I wish this site would allow you to use negativ numbers in your rating. Anyway here are my main complaints.

1.I knew when everyone was gonna die, I hate it when that happens, the point of any movie is to make you drawn in but all I could sit there and do was go ohh she's gonna die now.

2.All of the new actors are horribly annoying, the kid I wanted to strangle then shoot then melt in a pot of acid. And the black guy, I was hoping his hot air ballon would crash and he would die.

3. The story like lots of sequels unfortunately makes the first movie look bad with the sequels aura of terribleness. Oh my god this was a dumb plot.

4. Acting was horrible

all in all this was a bad movie, the only part I thought was good was the end which I dont want to give away becasue that was the only part of the movie I couldn't guess what would happen

What happened to the awesome story, cool and funny characters, and great battle sequences of "The Mummy"?

Bad not even worth your time...

Submitted by Zane W. Olesen 
(Dec 12, 2002)

The Mummy Returns

The highly anticipated release of “The Mummy Returns” charged into Summer 2001 box offices like Indiana Jones swinging through Laura Croft’s boudoir.

This movie gives you “bang for your buck” or at least gets an “A” for effort.
Apparently trying to get a head start on the summer movie season, this early installment captures the spirit of mindless summertime fun.

Those of you who remember “Raiders of the Lost Ark” will recognize the borrowed similarities. There’s nothing wrong with that, imitation is the best form of flattery. For the record, the “Raiders” series really only had one great movie, the first one. If you’re keeping score, “The Mummy Returns” is a more ambitious and entertaining movie then “Temple of Doom” or “The Last Crusade.”

The movie wastes no time in getting our interests as a narrative lays down the prehistory premise of the legend of the Scorpion King, played by the Rock, (Dwayne Johnson). I don’t think he had any lines except for some yelling. It was the Rock’s first real movie so they probably thought they should start him out with some easy stuff.

We flash to the future, about 1933, where Egyptologist Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser), with his wife Evie O’Connell (Rachel Weisz), with their son Alex O’Connell ( Freddie Boath), are busy ransacking an Egyptian tomb. Meanwhile, bad guys show-up and try to make off with a talisman the O’Connell’s have just uncovered. This leads to an action sequence littered with witty one-liners.

The thugs are outwitted and leave without the talisman. The O’Connell’s returned to Computer Generated, enhanced England where more thugs arrive to once again try and get the talisman. Unfortunately, young Alex has placed the talisman on his wrist and it has attached itself to him, so the resourceful thugs kype young Alex.

The O’Connell’s have to follow the thugs to get their son back. They soon learn that there’s trouble afoot and it involves mummies, bad guys, lots of fight scenes, the end of the world, a giant radiation treated lobster monster and ominous portends of a sequel.

There are some great laughs in the movie and more times than not, the action is satisfying.

There are several scenes that had a high cheese factor. The hot air balloon with attachments was a stretch for me. The pygmy mummies and the lost pyramid in the jungle out in the middle of nowhere that no one has ever lived to see was a bit much too. I won’t even go into the running out of daylight scene.

Enough poking fun at “The Mummy Returns.” Director/writer, Stephen Sommers, really made a great attempt at giving us an exciting summer movie. The very scope of the movie is ambitious as it attempts to cover a story that encompasses thousands of years and two continents with several love stories and betrayals thrown in for good measure. You have to give credit where credit it due, a nice effort.

I doubt that anyone will walk away enlightened or educated as a result of seeing “The Mummy Returns,” but most will walk away satisfied they received their money’s worth.

Submitted by Shawn 
(Aug 21, 2001)

This happen to be the best movie of the summer, but it was harsh to put it in a category it was funny, it was scary and it was a little out there. It was the perfect movie.



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