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Unbreakable  (31 ratings)

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Rating  (31 ratings)
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Submitted by Zane W. Olesen 
(Dec 12, 2002)

Unbearable for some.
Unforgettable for others

The much-anticipated follow up to his straight out of left field huge hit, “The Sixth Sense” M. Night Shyamalan offers “Unbreakable.”
Shyamalan has written, produced, and directed this effort reuniting him with Bruce Willis.

The nearly unprecedented success of “The Sixth Sense” made for a unique and precarious kind of notoriety for a fledgling director, such as Shyamalan. The expectation to at least equal, preferably exceed, the success of TSS has to be-no matter how eccentric and nonchalant the director-a little distracting. I will admit I was in the “exceed expectations” category. Yet I knew that it would be a remarkable, if not impossible feat, to achieve the same impact as TSS.

Why? Well really you learn from TSS, that Shyamalan, knows how to paint a captivating story and that he has an unbelievable knack for hitting with a shocker of an ending. And so by watching the previews of “Unbreakable” you could tell there is a mystery and you think there is going to be a twist in the end. So with that in mind, you are some what mentally acclimated to Shyamalan’s style and just a little more difficult to fall surprise to an ending with a twist.

Now I’m going to break ranks from must critics here. First off I realize that probably about half of the public will enjoy this movie and the other half will be disappointed. I fall into the former category, I liked this movie.

One thing for sure is Shyamalan lays out an intriguing mystery that really grabbed my attention. There is a methodical rhyme and reason for every scene in this movie. There was nothing akin to obligatory car chases, explosions, or shoot-outs. Though, for some it may have been too methodical, or in other words slow. However the brilliance of this movie is in they way things are revealed, and the way some are theatrically concealed.

I kept thinking I knew where this movie was going then I discovered that I was wrong. The ending, though I was expecting a twist, I still did not see it coming. I’m not sure, how much I liked the ending. Yet I can look back and see that it was leading up to this in very subtle ways. A part of me that likes these kind of “gotcha” endings enjoyed the twist the other part of me, like a major majority of movie goers, who want a nice and tidy style of ending to their movies, was caught nearly dumbfounded by the ending of “Unbreakable”. And I believe Shyamalan, though he implied subtle hints of the reality of the characters, he also played on our unspoken needs to have this orderly, life can be fantastic, yet we all get to go home and sleep soundly in our beds, ending.

For some, I imagine, the whole premise of “Unbreakable” may be laughable. If not for the unequaled talents of Samuel L. Jackson’s dynamic, convincing, and passionate portrayal of Elijah Price. And Shyamalan’s intelligent and sharp dialogue, as well as his prowess and artistic acuity, in the director’s chair. And, of course the, under spoken, common man, performance of Bruce Willis. Then throw in the artistic synergy created by these three super talented studs. With out the combination of all these three superior talents “Unbreakable” I’m sure would have failed for everyone.

Now, though I personally enjoyed this movie very much, I realize that a portion of moviegoers will not. So I want to gauge my recommendation. Okay this seems weird, but I think it will work. Okay remember the old TV series “The Lone Ranger”? Okay the opening music to the show. If you think that’s the theme song to “The Lone Ranger”, don’t go see “Unbreakable”. If you think the opening music to “The Lone Ranger” is “The William Tell Overture”, then you will probably like “Unbreakable”.

Submitted by Josh Shelburne 
(Dec 04, 2000)

**Warning** Spoilers here!

I Know some people will disagree with me on whether this movie is fantasy or not. I'll be the first to say its not "pure" fantasy, but this movie has different elements of Fantasy which make it great.
1. The whole comic book undercurrent going on throughout the whole movie. Its very dark at times. Samuel L Jackson, who is awesome in this movie, constantly refers to comics, and how they're just a distorted, overblown form of history. I thought that was really cool.
2. The second, and most obvious, Bruce Willis has Super powers. Although we only seem to get to see the beginning of his potential, I got the feeling he was just starting to feel his powers out..
3. Third and most important, IT'S FANTASY BECAUSE I SAY IT'S FANTASY! LOL
Just kidding..

Alright,enough of making my case for the movie's type, let me tell you what I thought of the movie. IT WAS AWESOME!
A breath of fresh air... and a slap in the face. This movie was very original, it has a intricut(sp?) plot, and the acting by Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson is superb. The best part of the movie was the end... Sam Jackson turns out the be the ultimate bad guy.. The Arch enemy.
Also, this director,
M. Night Shyamalayan
( I know I just slaughtered his name... Sorry.) is brilliant. I love this guy.
A great movie... Go see it.



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