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Dungeons and Dragons  (13 ratings)
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Movie Reviews
Submitted by Marc Roney (Dec 14, 2001) 
Yes the acting is bad, the script cheezy & the movie is not done to "normal" standards. The effect were good though. The thing for non-gamers to remember is simply that this is what a real D&D game is like. I night of gaming is full of bad acting & worse puns. If they had simply taken a good script, had great acting, ect, well, it simply wouldn't have the feel of D&D. I truly loved this movie because it captures the spirit of the game. I remember a D&D game were a character in the group had given a peasant a pair of magic coins that had a light spell on one & a darkness spell on the other, the peasant ran outside, shouted to the crowd that he had power over light & dark. He proceeded to rally the people to attack the local oppressive wizard & charged of to the words "Let's storm the seer's tower" to which the players instantly fell out of their chairs in laughter. That's all just part of the fun of the game & the movie captured the spirit wonderfully.
Submitted by Y.B. (Jun 01, 2001) 
As someone who has never played the game itself- only heard exciting stories from my friends- I was curious about this film. I was bitterly disappointed. The special effects used in this film were squandered on a story that barely made sense. At least acting could have been better. Whatever happened to making the likes of "Neverending Story" and "The Dark Crystal?"
Submitted by Nerosyth (May 21, 2001) 
I can see the fact that it is difficult to make a movie based on a game with no story.  Dungeons & Dragons resides in the minds of the players.  If a movie were to be made, they should have based it off of Forgotten Realms or Dragon Lance. This movie just didn't cut it.  When I pulled up to the theatre and saw role-players coming out dressed in gowns, robes, chain mail, etc. and their heads were downcast with no conversation going on at all....I should have run away...but NOOOOOOO I had to watch it and notice yet another poorly casted movie, not to name any names...(*cough* Marlon Wayans *cough*). Though the movie had a few high points  1) The intro was decent, we all have to admit. 2) The dwarf's joke in the tavern...*slaps his knee* that was rich  3) and lastly (and I'm sure the vote is unanimous) when the credits started rolling ..well  for those of you who left me the whole theatre wept.
Submitted by Torgeir Slyngstad (May 04, 2001) 
What were they thinking, or were they thinking at all. This is probably the worst movie I've ever seen, if I judge by the disappointment I felt after being an fanatic player for years. If you haven't seen it don't see it!
Submitted by Ed Shoup (Mar 27, 2001) 
This movie, I'm sorry to say, sucks! It's acting is crap, the plot makes no sense, the special effects are mediocre at best. And what is wrong with the ending? What does it have to do with...anything? See it if you're a die hard fan, otherwise cast a protection from bad movies spell on yourself.
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