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Star Wars Episode III:Revenge Of The Sith  (67 ratings)
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Submitted by Darren DeBari (May 20, 2005) 
Darkness and danger overshadow everything and make the truth harder to see. This can cause great fear within us. Some would say that's both the world we live in and the world Anakin Sywalker lives in. A world of fear and political maneuvering. A world of disguised treachery. Boy, I miss the days of The Music Makers Theaters of Bricktown, New Jersey. In 1977 that was where I first saw STAR WARS in Dolby Stereo. That was the first film that really filled me with wonder and a sense of awe.

Coming out of the Loews Cineplex this morning at 2:40am after watching STAR WARS EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH with a crowd of people I realized I was repaying a debt. I was thanking George Lucas as I've thanked Steven Spielberg by attending his films over the years. I was reminded of a more innocent time in my life.

As I drove through that car filled parking lot last night with insane drivers and elated STAR WARS fans I realized it was all worth it. I even thought of driving past the old movie theater just a shopping plaza away but thought better of it. The present can be the worst assault on the past and I preferred to drive home with my memories of the old Music Makers Theaters the way it was. I preferred to remember the way I and my brother Chris were at that time. We were kids experiencing the real power of cinema and the fascinating mythology George Lucas had created. Last night I experienced the chapter that brings this whole mythology full circle. To quote Darth Vader, "The circle is now complete."

STAR WARS EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH is a vast improvement on the two previous installments. It's the grand payoff to a set up long coming. Seeing this film will make many want to watch EPISODES IV, V, and VI again because now we truly understand the man behind the mask.

The ambitious and impatient Anakin Skywalker surfaces better here than in the previous two installments. Hayden Christensen both bulked up and loosened up this time around. You can actually feel his worry for his beautiful wife and his disappointment with the Jedi Council. The only one who truly seems to care is Chancellor Palpatine.

Ian McDiarmid plays him once again and his performance is brilliant. His subtle and not so subtle manipulation of Anakin is fascinating to watch. Listen carefully and try not to cringe at the story he tells Anakin about an old Sith Lord and his apprentice. McDiarmid owns every moment of screen time and becomes quite a force to reckon with.

The film races on with fast paced action and real emotion from start to finish. It took Lucas three films to finally get his groove back on and it was well worth the wait this time around. He not only improved on the first two films but made this one worthy to stand with the original three.

Other improvements come in the fully realized character of Yoda. Each film he has looked and sounded better. This film he is as powerful and as thoughtful as ever and Frank Oz's voice always hits the right note for him.

Natalie Portman also has grown into her part and really makes you feel for Padmé this time around. Her eyes well up with tears of joy, worry, and heart break. Her final accomplishment helps produce the new hope the Jedi need but also brings about tragedy. At the same time Darth Vader is being fully realized and it's a terrifying juxtaposition.

Ewan McGregor continues to do an amazing job as Ben Kenobi. It's not hard at all to see him growing into the older Alec Guiness. He has been the most consistent of the series and always a pleasure to watch. His intelligence and intensity make his final words to Anakin that much more heart breaking.

It was also nice to see Sam Jackson get more to do as Mace Windu as he plays a very pivotal scene with Chancellor Palpatine and Anakin. Jimmy Smits also gets more rope and bring great nobility and strength to the character of Senator Bail Organa. There's also a nice cameo by Chewbacca as we are treated to the grand visuals of the Wookie homeworld.

Despite the fact that the action is wonderful the story in itself is a tragedy. Their were darker elements than I expected. Anakin's murder of the Jedi children, the killing of the Jedi, and the site of Anakin's severed and burning body as he screams red eyed to Ben Kenobi, "I hate you!" I'd think twice if I were a parent about bringing my young children to this one.

On the lighter side R2D2 an C3PO are wonderful comic relief. R2D2 is especially funny to watch during the beginning action sequence as he's seen hiding from two battle droids and ignoring Ben Kenobi's crucial request. We also get to see greater mobility from him thanks to George Lucas's continuing visual achievements. C3PO is priceless in his final scene as he realizes his and R2D2's memories will be erased under the order of Bail Organa.

The last few minutes tie up everything beautifully and not one STAR WARS fan should have any complaints. Though, I'm sure some will. I myself was a bit disappointed with Episodes I and II but now understand their purpose after seeing Episode III.

Lucas had a unique vision in 1977 with Episode IV and has really returned to his roots in Episode III. REVENGE OF THE SITH will forever change the way people look at Darth Vader. Lucas has once again given us reason to watch Episodes IV, V, and VI. Boy, if I had a dollar for every time he did that I'd be living at the Skywalker Ranch.

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