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Interview with Destroyermen author Taylor Anderson

Taylor Anderson is a man with many titles, but the title I’m most interested in today is “alternate historian”. He is the author of the long-running series, Destroyermen, and I got a chance to talk with about his newest entry in the series, Blood in the Water, along with working and acting in historical films. Check it out […]


Interview with Admiral author Sean Danker

Admiral by Sean Danker is being released tomorrow and it definitely had me turning the pages from start to finish. Four military personnel wake up on a dying ship on a strange planet with no idea of how they got there. One man is identified as an admiral of the Evagardian Empire – but he […]


Interview with The Star-Touched Queen author Roshani Chokshi

Welcome to SFFWorld, Roshani. Many thanks for giving us some time here. In your own words, who is Roshani Chokshi? Thank you for having me! As for this question, I’ve been pondering it for 25 years. I am…shorter than you expect, less funny than I think I am and eternally eager to listen to other […]


Matthew De Abaitua on “The Destructives” and more

After graduating with an MA in Creative Writing in the 1990s, Matthew De Abaitua served as amanuensis — a role occupying a grey area somewhere between personal assistant and volunteer slave — for the unconventional British novelist/journalist/political commentator Will Self in a remote cottage in Suffolk. Having survived, he went on to become an author himself and currently lectures on […]


Fight Like a Girl Interview- Part Two

The authoresses of Fight Like A Girl return! The first part can be found here. They couldn’t all answer at once so we just had to allow everyone a chance to have their say… Going back to the theme of the Fight Like A Girl Anthology, Is it a matter of proving to the masses […]


Interview with Sleeping Giants author Sylvain Neuvel

I dislike book hype. Just like movie trailers, book hype can reveal all the good bits, making it a little pointless to read the thing itself. At first glance The Sleeping Giants digital cover doesn’t give us much to go on, intriguing as it is. The hardcopy cover does play on the plot though. And… […]


Christopher Nuttall Interview

Christopher Nuttall’s Their Darkest Hour has just been released as part of the Empire at War collection where four British Science Fiction authors have joined forces to show the world that British Military Science Fiction is a force to be reckoned with.   Many thanks for giving us some time here Christopher. Welcome to SFFWorld. How would you […]


Fight Like a Girl Interview – Part One

All right, how many times have we heard the call for more female representation in the speculative fiction industry? Or even believable female characters? Not just any old girl will do. Nope, the demand is for agency, realism, strength. Some, I don’t doubt, are tired of hearing it. Then there’s that campaign telling us that […]


Interview with Alan Smale

Alan Smale is an up and coming name in alternate history. His short story “A Clash of Eagles” won the 2010 Sidewise Award for Alternate History and was later expanded into a full-length novel titled: Clash of Eagles. Its sequel, Eagle in Exile, just came out recently and I had the opportunity to talk about it, Nova Hesperia […]


Jason W. LaPier Interview

The need to write led Jason LaPier to create worlds and characters that are getting readers and reviewers talking. With multiple writing competition successes under his belt, a growing collection of books, and many more stories to tell, this multi-genre author is definitely one to watch! Bio: Born and raised in Upstate New York, Jason […]


Interview with Alliance author S.K. Dunstall

S.K. Dunstall has just released Alliance, the second book in the Linesman series. We have talked to Sherylyn and Karen about the release and their hope for the future. Many thanks for giving us some time here at SFFWorld. Thank you for having us.   First of all for those not familiar with your Linesman […]


Interview with Stealers War Author, Stephen Hunt

March saw the release of the third instalment form Stephen Hunt’s Far Called trilogy, published by Gollancz. The Stealer’s War, brings to an end to a series in which Hunt mixes a lot of the best parts of Fantasy and Steampunk with a dash of technology in one carefully built world. He uses a collection […]


Interview with The Courier author Gerald Brandt

Gerald Brandt has just released The Courier, a far-future science fiction debut set mainly in Los Angeles, though the city San Angeles stretches from the Mexican border to San Francisco -action adventure with a cyberpunk tone. Many thanks for giving us some time here Gerald. Welcome to SFFWorld. Thanks for having me!   First of […]


Interview with Jo Zebedee

The first book of The Inheritance Trilogy turned heads when Jo Zebedee’s debut novel Abendau’s Heir was released last year. Small press debuts aren’t supposed to become bestsellers. Nobody told Jo that. The last time I spoke with Jo I questioned her decision to self-publish Inish Carraig. That book didn’t follow the self-publishing-doesn’t-sell script either. […]


Interview with Thaddeus White

To call The Adventures of Sir Edric (Volume One) politically incorrect would be an understatement. I suspect that’s the whole point of the character our mysterious author Thaddeus White (OK so it’s a nom-de-plume!) chose to lead his first traditionally published comedy-fantasy novel, published by Tickety Boo Press. Welcome to SFFWorld Thaddeus! It’s clear Sir […]


Anthony Pryor Interview

Anthony Pryor, Role playing game legend is here to tell us about his The Shepherd trilogy.   Book one of the trilogy, She who watches already has the critics turning their heads and taking notice.  For SFFWorld readers and RPG lovers alike, let’s find out why.   I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer a […]


Interview with Terryl Whitlatch

Back in 1997, when I had more hair, less beard and shining, starry-eyes, I landed the Best Job In The World—prosthetic make-up trainee/runner—for the Creatures department of what was going to be The Best Film In The World. That film was Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. While history may not have registered my own personal […]


Ben Elton Interview

We have talked to Ben Elton about his latest book Time and Time again and the future of Blackadder.    Many thanks for giving us some time here at SFFWorld. You’re welcome, delighted at the interest.   First of all can you tell us a bit about your new book, Time and Time Again? I […]


Interview with Ian C Douglas

Be warned, Ian C Douglas is a covert operative for the International Association of Get Kids Reading. Well sort of… if such an organisation existed he would be. Ian’s latest Science Fiction series follows Zeke Hailey through the perils of going to school on Mars. Not just any school mind you, here the teachers are […]


Interview with Lou Antonelli

Lou Antonelli is a prolific short story writer from Texas who has been nominated both for the Hugo and Sidewise Awards for Alternate History. I had a chance to talk with Lou about writing and his upcoming, debut novel Another Girl, Another Planet. Check out what Lou had to say below:   Welcome to SFFWorld, […]


Interview with P.J. Strebor

Uncommon Purpose, P. J Strebor’s debut mystery science fiction novel published by Tickety Boo Press, is currently collecting top reviews over on Amazon and Goodreads. If the cover doesn’t give it away, Uncommon Purpose a can be found fighting for elbow room with its comrades on the Military Science Fiction shelves. The first in The […]


Guy Gavriel Kay Interview and Children of Earth and Sky Cover Reveal

We have talked to bestselling author Guy Gavriel Kay about his next book, his fascination for history and his writing career among other things. We’re also very excited to be the first to reveal the full wrap jacket of Children of Earth and Sky.   Hi Guy, Thanks for giving us some time here at SFFWorld.   […]


Ari Bach Interview

Ari Bach, writer of the “Valhalla” trilogy, shares insight behind the gritty novels Valhalla, Ragnarok, and Gudsriki, set in the 23rd century.  Fans may want to know what’s coming next for Team V.   Thank you, Ari, for taking the time to answer a few questions.  To start, could you tell us a little about […]


Interview with Split Worlds Author Emma Newman

In case you weren’t aware, Emma Newman’s Split Worlds Series of books has had a make-over – pampered, manicured and a whole day at the salon to deal with the designer stubble. The new look Split Worlds will be available from February 23rd from Diversion Press. Capturing the magic hiding between these pages cannot have […]


Charles Stross Interview

SFFWorld caught up with SF writer Charles/Charlie Stross. We got chance to talk of Bob Howard, SF and why Charlie dislikes the term ‘genre’.    Hello, Charlie. We’re speaking as The Annihilation Score, your sixth Laundry Files novel, has recently been published. Can you tell us a little about it? How does this book move on […]


Pippa DaCosta interview

Pippa DaCosta is a relatively new name in the British spec-fic scene, but seems to have hit the ground running with two pretty substantial series in The Veil and The 1000 Revolution, which are fantasy and sci-fi respectively. This year she will be two books into a second fantasy project, London Fae, with another one on the way…  Hi […]


Interview with Marc Alan Edelheit

Marc Alan Edelheit has so far released two books in his Chronicles of an Imperial Legionary Officer series, Stiger’s Tigers and The Tiger and judging by the numerous 5 star reviews both at Amazon and Goodreads I’m not the only one who have really enjoyed these books. We recently did a “slow interview” in our […]


Daniel José Older Interview

Welcome to Daniel. First of all congratulations on your recent Andre Norton Award nomination. How does it feel to have your book nominated for such a prestigious award? What was your first reaction? Thank you! The first thing I said when I found out was “Whoa Jesus!” and then I did a little dance. […]


Robert J Sawyer Interview

We have talked to Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Robert J. Sawyer about his new book Quantum Night where he explores the thin line between good and evil that every human being is capable of crossing…     First of all can you tell us a bit about Quantum Night? I’m often characterized as an optimistic writer, and […]


Richard Knaak Interview

Black City Saint is a tale of a dragon slain by an ancient spear, its soul living inside Nick Medea.  Nick himself is a dead guy who isn’t dead in a city overrun by gangsters.  You get a vibe directly out of Sin City, but it’s the 1920s Chicago in Richard Knaak’s action-packed Urban Fantasy […]

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