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Interview with The Interminables author Paige Orwin

Paige Orwin is the author of The Interminables that has just been released by Angry Robot Books. Welcome to SFFWorld Paige, many thanks for giving us some time here. In your own words, who is Paige Orwin? A reader, writer, and gamer who has too much fun analyzing RPG systems and is mostly human. Probably.   […]


Interview with Lindsay Buroker

Indie writer Lindsay Buroker has written over 20 fantasy and science fiction books. Her latest fantasy series, Chains of Honor, will be completed this fall and her popular science fiction Fallen Empire series is climbing Amazon’s charts. She joins us today to discuss her writing, self-publishing, and why there are so many explosions in her books. […]


Ralph Kern puts the Worlds to Writes with Andy Weir

In this series, we are going to speak to some of the leading science fiction authors about a theme, technology or event which they have written about. Today, we are joined at SFFWorld by Andy Weir, international best-selling author of the phenomenally successful novel, The Martian. Today though, we’re going to move away from Mars […]


LIVE! with Davis Ashura

The best thing about the speculative fiction world is finding storytellers who take readers to new places. Authors come from all walks of life and bring a bit of themselves to their work. What I am trying to say, is many of us have day jobs…rocket scientists, doctors, police officers, military intelligence officers, and everything […]


Interview with The Other Side of Hope author RF Dunham

If you guys haven’t figured it out by now, I love talking to alternate historians. Today’s subject is RF Dunham whose novel, The Other Side of Hope, came out last April. Learn more about RF, his new novel, the Battle of Tours and more in the interview below. Welcome to SFFWorld, RF Dunham. Please tell us […]


Interview with Shadows of the Dark Crystal author J.M. Lee

Shadows of the Dark Crystal is a new prequel novel set in the world of Jim Henson’s 1982 cult favorite, The Dark Crystal. Can you tell us a bit about it? Sure! Shadows of the Dark Crystal takes place some time before the movie, right as the Gelfling are beginning to learn about the true […]


Interview with Toru: Wayfarer Returns author Stephanie R. Sorensen

Toru: Wayfarer Returns is an alternate history steampunk novel set in 1850’s Japan on the eve of Commodore Perry and his Black Ships arrival to Edo. We interview its creator and author, Stephanie R. Sorenson. Welcome to SFFWorld, Stephanie, How would you describe Toru: Wayfarer Returns in your own words? What do you feel is […]


Interview with Seoul Survivors author Naomi Foyle

We have talked to Seoul Survivors author Naomi Foyla about her new book and her future plans. Hello Naomi, welcome to SFFWorld. Who is Naomi Foyle? Why did you want to become a writer? Thank you, and forgive me if I can’t give a scientifically accurate answer to that first question. Most days I feel […]


LIVE! with Susan Kaye Quinn

SUSAN KAYE QUINN, FROM ROCKET SCIENTIST TO NOVELIST In this episode of LIVE! Josh and I meet Susan Kaye Quinn, an ex-rocket scientist following her dream of being a writer. After a foray into the traditional publishing world, Susan soon became a frontrunner in Indie Publishing, when KDP changed the world of ebooks. Love it […]


Interview with Danny Adams author of A Hole in Wednesday set in Philip José Farmer’s Dayworld universe

Meteor House has released A Hole in Wednesday by Danny Adams, a prequel to Philip José Farmer’s Dayworld trilogy. We have talked to Danny about the book and his inspiration. Tell us about the Dayworld universe.  By the last quarter of the 21st century, war, pollution, disease, and overcrowding have became so globally destructive that […]


Interview with Poisoned Blade author Kate Elliott

As the first stop on Kate Elliott’s Poisoned Blade blog tour we’re delighted to talk to Kate about the new book. Welcome to SFFWorld, Kate. Many thanks for giving us some time here. I’ll start with a rather big question. In your own words, who is Kate Elliott? That’s a hard question to answer! I […]


Interview with Sweet Secrets author Stephanie Weippert

We have talked to Sweet Secrets author Stephanie Weippert about her new book and her future plans. Hello Stephanie, welcome to SFFWorld. Who is Stephanie Weippert? Why did you want to become a writer? It came about because of a slug.  Lol A local convention to me called Rustycon had an anthology open call for a […]


Interview with Path of Flames author Phil Tucker

Phil Tucker, the author of Path of Flames and the sequel, The Black Shriving, was kind enough to submit himself to one of my torturous interviews. (I kid. I don’t torture.) But Phil did agree to an interview. I first learned of Phil through a review of Path of Flames on Pornokitsch. Phil’s first novel […]


LIVE! with Michael Bunker

  Who is Michael Bunker? A few years ago Josh Hayes told me about this guy who wrote a book called Pennsylvania. Are you thinking science fiction yet? Oh yeah, Michael Bunker is a self-described plain person. Amish. Technology, science, amish — three things we all associate automatically. Right? During Michael Bunker’s guest appearance on […]


Interview with Sherlock Holmes and the Servants Of Hell author Paul Kane

We have talked to Paul Kane about his latest book, Sherlock Holmes and the Servants Of Hell. Hello Paul, thanks for giving us some time here at SFFWorld. First of all can you tell us a bit about Sherlock Holmes and the Servants Of Hell? An absolute pleasure, thanks for asking me. Servants of Hell […]


Interview with Supernova author C.A. Higgins

C.A. Higgins has a degree in Physics and she’s not afraid to use it.  Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Books Preview called her first book Lightless  “[A] riveting sci-fi debut” .  Here she talks to SFFWorld  about her sequel Supernova. Tell us about Supernova. Supernova is the sequel to Lightless, and it follows some of the surviving […]


Hello from Keystroke Medium!

Greetings, Programs! Josh Hayes and Scott Moon, from Keystroke Medium here, wanting to say hi and introduce ourselves to all the members and guests at We run a live YouTube show and podcast called Keystroke Medium, where we interview authors, review books and talk about the craft of writing. Through a mutual friend, Ralph […]


Interview with Duskfall Author Christopher Husberg

They say the best books find you when you’re not looking. I came to Duskfall unaware of the praise it was gaining elsewhere. The cover didn’t give me anything to go on, but like the story within it was elegantly complex. Reviewers have compared Duskfall to absolutely everything there is. I suspect that’s because of […]


Interview with The Cleaners author Josh Vogt

Josh Vogt Finds more creative uses for feather dusters in the second installment of The Cleaners, The Maids of Wrath.  Welcome Josh, You keep yourself busy as an SFWA member, Editor and a freelance writer, what do you find yourself doing in your free time?  Do you even have any free time? Strangely, yes, I […]


Interview with Sorcerer to the Crown author Zen Cho

London-based Malaysian fantasy writer, Zen Cho’s Sorcerer to the Crown was first published in 2015 as the first book in her Sorcerer Royal trilogy. She has won the IAFA William Crawford Award for her short story collection Spirits Abroad. Sorcerer to the Crown was a finalist in the Locus Award for Best First Novel and long […]


Interview with James Aquilone (DEAD JACK Kickstarter)

James Aquilone and I spent a few years writing for the late, lamented SF Signal. When he launched a Kickstarter for his first novel, Dead Jack and the Pandemonium Device the least I could do for my former colleague is give him a chance to talk about the Kickstarter, among other writerly and genre topics […]


Interview with Pia and the Skyman author Sue Parritt

Pia and the Skyman is Sue Parritt’s follow up to Sannah and the Pilgrim. We’ve talked to her about the books and the road to publishing.   Welcome to SFFWorld, many thanks for giving us some time here. In your own words, who is Sue Parritt? I am a fiction writer based in a bayside […]


Interview with The Promised One author Win Blevins

The Promised One, the first novel in the Cherokee Mists fantasy series by renowned writers Win and Meredith Blevins brings Cherokee myths to life. Welcome to SFFWorld, many thanks for giving us some time here. The Promised One is the first novel in your Cherokee Mists fantasy series. Can you tell us a bit about it? I wanted to […]


Maze of the Blue Medusa – Zak Sabbath and Patrick Stuart Interview

Interview with Zak Sabbath & Patrick Stuart by David Paul Hellings @HellingsOnFilm “Infinite broken night. Milky alien moons. Wavering demons of gold. Held in this jail of immortal threats are three perfect sisters… Maze of the Blue Medusa is a dungeon. Maze of the Blue Medusa is art. Maze of the Blue Medusa works with […]


Interview with Fallout author Harry Turtledove

Fallout is the next book in your Hot War series. What is next in store for our characters? Ah, that’d be telling.  You’ve got to read the book and find out. 😉 What kind of research did you do when writing Fallout? The attitudes toward race and sexuality and such things are the ones that […]


Children of the Shaman Cover Reveal

When Children of the Shaman was published by Orbit in 2001, Jessica Rydill’s novel received plenty of praise. Starburst called it ‘A very accomplished debut’.  David Gemmell’s endorsement ‘An enchanting story blessed with genuine magic’ captures Jessica’s world nicely. SFFWorld even had a few words to say on the matter. Kristell Ink are to expand […]


Interview with Bridge Chronicles author Gary Ballard

Gary Ballard is the author behind The Bridge Chronicles, a near future cyberpunk series set in Los Angeles. We’ve talked to him about the series and his future plans. Welcome to SFFWorld, Gary. Many thanks for giving us some time here. First of all for those not familiar with your Bridge Chronicles series, can you tell us […]


Interview with On the Bones of Gods author K. Eason

Outlaw, K. Eason’s second dark fantasy novel in her On the Bones of Gods series has just been released and we’ve had the pleasure to talk to her about the new release.   First of all for those not familiar with your On the Bones of Gods series, can you tell us a bit about […]


Interview with GENESIS author Matt K. Turner

“Are you human?  How can you be sure…” Genesis is Matt K. Turner’s debut novel and we have talked to him about the release and how his background as a screenwriter has influenced his writing. Welcome to SFFWorld, Matt. Many thanks for giving us some time here. I’ll start with a rather big question. In your own […]


Martha Wells discusses the tradition of women in SF/F with Tansy Hoskins

Acclaimed writer and journalist, Tansy Hoskins discusses the tradition of women in SF/F, empowerment, and matriarchal worlds with the prolific, Nebula nominated fantasy novelist, Martha Wells.  “I’ve never been that interested in reading the norm, so I think I’ve always written to challenge it.” – Martha Wells  It’s tempting to be sensationalist about the Martha Wells’ series Books […]

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